Bike Rental terms and conditions


Bike Rental Policies

The customer hereby rents bicycles from Fast Monkey Spain S.L , subject to all terms and conditions of this agreement:

1.Fast Monkey Spain S.L rents bikes only with prior booking. Rental day period starts at 9:00 h and ends at 18:00 h from Monday To Friday and 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday. Overnight rentals can be agreed with Fast Monkey Spain S.L .

2. At the end of the rental period the customer must return the bicycles to Fast Monkey Spain S.L .


3. Bike reservations must be done with enough anticipation in order forFast Monkey Spain S.L to confirm availability, however if the customer needs a bike on the same day he/she may call or contact thru the phones or emails at our contact area to check for availability. The customer can also reserve a bike by emailing to

4. Method of payment: Credit Card or Cash
Payment for the rented items is required to be made in full prior to the delivery date, online at Fast Monkey Spain S.L web page The reservation is only confirmed onceFast Monkey Spain S.L has confirmed receipt of the payment via E‐mail.
The Customer signing the rental contract must be over 18 years old.

5. On delivery of the bike/s the customer must read, accept and sign the rental agreement. The customer will be asked for his/her passport details along with credit card details as a guarantee deposit for the rented equipment. At the end of the rental period, the customer accepts the charges for any missing or broken items at market prices which will be charged to their credit card. The deposit will be refunded if the rented equipment is returned in the same conditions it was procured. If the missing or broken items exceed the deposit amount, the customer must settle the balance.

6. Cancelations without charge are only admitted 15 working days before the programmed delivery time. Cancellations made within 15 working days of the delivery date are charged in full. Reservation no shows are charged in full, and considered non‐refundable. Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason.

7. No refund or credit will be made, for any given reason, for cancellations within 15 working days, early return of the bicycles or for cancellations of guided training tours. The client understands and accepts that Fast Monkey Spain S.L is not responsible for the client’s personal circumstances, sicknesses, weather conditions or any event outside of Fast Monkey Spain S.L  direct control nor force major and can therefore not accept refund or credit requests made by the client for any of the above reasons. Exceptions to this policy cannot be made for any reason.


8. Fast Monkey Spain S.L confirms that all its bicycles are presented to customers in an immaculate working order set up by professional mechanics and whilst Fast Monkey Spain S.L accept general wear and tear during hire, any rental equipment returned with excessive cleaning needs will incur a 10€ charge to the client.

9. The rented bicycles and equipment may only be used by the designated customer and the members of his/her party as mentioned in the Rental Contract.

10. The customer is obliged to take good care of the rented equipment and to protect it from damage, loss or theft. In case of damage, loss or theft of the bicycle/s, components or any of its parts, Fast Monkey Spain S.L will charge the customer the full cost of the missing items at market prices.

11. Bikes for Urban use are rented with a high-security lock and the customer is obliged to lock the bicycle/s properly at all times when unattended, passing the lock through the frame and attaching the bike(s) to something fixed to the ground like a post or fence, if allowed, or else, a bicycle parking. It is highly recommended to keep the bikes secured at all times, especially during over‐night rentals.


11. Fast Monkey Spain S.L has procured itself with proper third party liability insurance coverage of the bicycle rental activity.Fast Monkey Spain S.L is not responsible for injury or damages caused to/by the client during the hire period.

12. The customer is responsible for adequate personal insurance coverage for risks that may occur during the rental period. Fast Monkey Spain S.L is not liable for any claims for body injury or harm, accidents or loss of personal belonging caused by weather, sickness, or any other causes whatsoever beyond the control of Fast Monkey Spain S.L.

13. The customer and his/her group must respect Spanish traffic regulations. Any ticket or fine due to incorrect use of the bicycle will be completely assumed by the customer.

14. The information the customer provides is protected by organic law 15/1999 of 13th December regarding the protection of personal data.

15. Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Benalmádena, Spain. This contract shall be governed by Spanish law.


16. Optional Insurance includes Accidental damages (spokes, chains, gears, levers, scratches…), up to an amount of 300€.

17. Optional Insurance does not include Vandalism or Theft. Damage or breakage caused by the effects of alcohol or irresponsible driving by not respecting traffic regulations.